• At no time shall there be more than the specified number of guests be resident at the property.
  • Weddings, parties, or functions are not permitted at the property.
  • The occupants of the property are to be respectful of the need for peace and privacy of the neighbours and others living in the area.
  • Rubbish is to be disposed of only in the bins provided and not in bins belonging to neighbouring properties and please leave the house in a neat and tidy condition.
  • Any breakages/damages which occur whilst you occupy the premises are to be paid for.
  • Furniture should not to be moved around the house and utensils, crockery etc. not to be removed from the premises.
  • Video/DVD cords are not to be touched/re-arranged etc.  Any repair call outs for TV/Video service occurring from interference with cords will be charged to your account.
  • I give permission for payment of any breakages/damages/extra cleaning etc. up to the amount of 50% of one(1) weeks rent to be deducted from my credit card.

Pet Friendly Properties

  • If you bring your dog please make sure you clean up the property.

Swimming Pools and Spa

If there is a pool or spa:

  • On entering or leaving the swimming pool or spa area, the safety gate must be property closed.
  • At no time should be glassware or bottles taken into the swimming pool or spa area.
  • All minors using the swimming pool or spa are to be property supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • No jumping from the rockery  adjacent to the spa into the swimming pool is permitted.
  • At no time should the cleaner be removed from the swimming pool.
  • At no time should any of the swimming pool or spa pump equipment be manually turned  on and/or valves adjusted.

Pool Table

If there is a pool table at the property:

  • The table has a slate top which has been levelled and should not be moved.
  • We are pleased for you to enjoy it but ask that you treat it with great respect.
  • No young children under age of 12 use this table and to be in High School.
  • Please ensure that the table is not used to put things on (wet towels, food plates, drinks etc)
  • Please ensure that cues and balls are returned and the cover put on when you leave.

General Conditions of Tenancy

  • Our staff will describe the premises and their positions as accurately as possible and in good faith. No responsibility or refunds are accepted for errors in presentations or descriptions.
  • The number of guests must not exceed the maximum occupancy as stated by the agent.
  • All damages, breakages and losses to the property and/or furniture or furnishings are to be reported to the agent and paid for immediately.
  • No persons on the premises shall be guilty of conduct that is of nuisance to adjoining occupiers. In units, Strata Title by-laws and regulations must be observed.
  • Garbage bins are to be put out on the relevant day and brought in. In the case of excessive garbage, there will be a minimum charge of $50 for it to be taken away.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in immediate termination of your tenancy.
  • All advance bookings are accepted on behalf of the current owner. If this property is sold we cannot accept responsibility for decisions made by the new owner.
  • Bookings are made in good faith by the agent and may be subject to any changes as notified by the owner prior to the commencement of the booking. The agent cannot accept responsibility for the actions taken by the owners of the premises outside their control. (Every reasonable endeavour will be made to offer alternative accommodation should this occur).
  • Tariffs are subject to change without notice.
  • A booking fee applies to all bookings.
  • The guest acknowledges & agrees to an early release of their holiday booking deposit to the owners of the property. Refunds or transfers will be in accordance with the current policy.



Off Peak 2017                  01/02/2017 – 13/12/2017

Peak   2017/18                 14/12/2017-  28/01/2018

Off  Peak 2018                 29/01/2018 – 13/12/2018 Excluding Public Holidays/long weekends

Peak 2018                       Australia Day, Easter,  June/ October Long Weekends
(Christmas & New Year Period to the end of January)


  • Weekly bookings:  Arrivals  from 2.00pm – 4.30pm on the day of arrival.
    Note: NO KEYS available before 2.00pm
  • Weekend bookings:  Arrive any time from 12 noon Friday – 4.30 pm, Depart 3.30pm Sunday.
  • If you are arriving after 4.30pm you must advise the office by 4.00pm otherwise a call out fee of $50 will apply.
  • If arriving outside office hours please contact the office for the code to key-safe located at the office.




  • Weekly bookings:  Departure time is 9.30am sharp on the day of departure.
  • Weekend bookings:  Departure time is 3.30pm on Sunday or day of departure.
  • If departing outside office hours, please leave the key in the box at the office.



  • Please leave the premises clean and tidy for the next people, exactly as you would wish to find it.


  • Rates are subject to change and may vary from the price quoted prior to confirmation.
  • Payment is by Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) Direct Deposit or Cheque only.
  • There is a surcharge of 2% on all credit card payments


  • All bookings are subject to owner confirmation.
  • All Weekend Bookings must be paid In Full within 3 Days of Booking.
  • All Weekly Bookings must be confirmed with a 50% Deposit on booking with the balance payable One Month prior to the dates booked.
  • Christmas Re-booking – The current occupant has first option to re-book for the same period the following year. Bookings must be confirmed by payment of half rental by 31st March. If payment is not received by 31st March, the property will be made available to the first person who confirms by payment of half rental. Balance of rental due by 1st December.


Fees will be charged for all cancellations as follows:-

  • Weekly Bookings: 50% of the total booking will be charged PLUS a cancellation fee of 13% + GST of the total booking. However, if the house can be re-let then only the 13% + GST cancellation fee will apply.
  • Weekend Bookings (i.e less than 7 days) 100% of total booking will be charged. However, if the house can be re-let then only a cancellation fee of 13% + GST of the total booking will apply.For example:

Total weekly booking $1,000
Total weekend booking $500
If NOT re-let then $1000 – (50% of $1000)  – (13% of $1000) = $370 refunded
If NOT re-let then $500 – (100% of $500) = $NIL
If re-let then $1000 – (13% of $1000) = $870 refunded
If re-let then $500 – (13% of $500) = $435 refunded

General Guidelines:

  • As our holiday homes are occupied by guests at most times of the year, inspection is not possible. We invite you to view the property from the outside and view the photos on our website
  • Our aim is to provide the highest possible standard, but all premises are privately owned and are furnished and decorated to the owners personal taste and requirements.


  • All premises are fully furnished except for linen, towels and paper goods. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN.
  • Linen can be booked by guests directly with The Linen Lady Email:  leah@thelinenlady.net                                   or mobile: 0416 702644

Please Note:

  • All paper goods and cleansers must be supplied by the occupant.
  • All damages and breakages must be paid for by the occupant.
  • Minimum 2 nights booking.
  • Unfortunately NO PETS allowed (unless specifically mentioned).


  • Spare keys are not retained by us, if you lose your keys or are locked out of the residence, you will need to contact the locksmith on (02) 4323 6322  ( All Coast 24 hours).

Credit Cards:

  • A surchage of 2% is payable on all payments made by credit card.
  • We only accept Visa and MasterCard